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Providing Extraordinary Experiences

Only one organization sits at the critical intersection between those who seek the benefits of Excellent Performance and Motivational Experience, SITE!

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An Ever-Changing Global Business World

In an ever-changing global business world the most prized asset remains constant: Excellent Performance.

Business leaders are constantly seeking creative ways to unlock human potential. One of the most powerful tools at their disposal is the Motivational Experience—including travel and events—which rewards a job well done and offers ways to grow and be more effective.

Only one organization sits at the critical intersection between those who seek the benefits of these motivational tools, and those who can provide these extraordinary experiences. That organization is called SITE.

SITE makes possible the connection between motivational experiences and business results. It is the only global organization dedicated to linking professionals in the travel and motivational events industry with the business leaders who seek improved performance through these experiences.

SITE has been defining this industry since the organization was formed more than three decades ago, as the Society of Incentive and Travel Executives.

SITE Florida & Caribbean members represent airlines, cruise lines, corporate buyers, destination management companies, ground transportation companies, hotels and resorts, incentive houses, official tourist organizations, trade publications, travel agencies and supporting organizations such as restaurants and visitor attractions.

Defining the Incentive & Travel Industry

Incentive travel is not a luxury – it’s a necessity. Our research and data prove the ROI business case for incentive travel, which is a powerful management tool that strengthens employee retention, improves performance, and fosters a culture of thoughtful motivation and success.

Over the last 40 years, SITE has grown to over 2,000 members in 90 countries with 29 local and regional chapters. We are a global home for it professionals who deliver with style on the incentive travel promise: meaningful, motivational, memorable. it Works!