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Jorge Colona, CIS

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SITE Florida & Caribbean
President’s Message
January 2023
Eleanor Soucy, CIS, CITP

Dear SITE Florida & Caribbean Members, 

Please Welcome 2023 SITE Florida & Caribbean – Board of Directors

  • President Elect, Frank Robleto
  • Immediate Past President, Jorge Colona, CIS
  • Secretary – Treasurer, Millie Evans
  • Vice President Marketing , Virgil Napier
  • Vice President Membership, Malely Davila
  • Vice President Communication, Mauricio Patino
  • Vice President Events, Cathy Jones
  • Vice President Education, Joseph Vella
  • Vice President of Sustainability, Steffi Kordy
  • Vice President of Sponsorship, Matthew Boutwell
  • Director Young Leaders, Lisa Bell
  • Chapter Administrator, Debbi Hartman

Wishing you all a happy, healthy and safe New Year.

Eleanor Soucy, CIS, CITP,
2023 Chapter President, SITE Florida & Caribbean

SITE Florida & Caribbean promotes and increases the awareness and benefits of Incentive Travel through Education, Motivational Events, and Business Relationships to foster professional development and integrity for its members.