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Jorge Colona, CIS

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SITE Florida & Caribbean
President’s Message
January 2022
Jorge Colona, CIS

Dear SITE Florida & Caribbean Members,

2020 and 2021 have been years like no other. Our industry as a whole (suppliers, buyers and support network), was deeply challenge, personally and professionally as working conditions became unstable and very difficult. Todd Mickey (President 2020 & 2021) and his board were able to successfully navigate these challenges, keeping our members focused and updated.

A new year brings 365 new opportunities to begin fresh and in 2022 we have plentiful to look forward to, while we keep rolling SITE Florida & Caribbean goals in line with SITE Global and SITE Foundation, supporting group incentive travel.

Every association is as strong as its members, Site Florida & Caribbean Board has maintained and will continue to maintain its strength and commitment by focusing in growing our membership, increasing educational and networking opportunities, spotlighting members and sponsors, positively implement sustainable practices and keep a healthy financial cash flow. In addition to listening to our members bringing the most relevant educational information as well as the latest industry updates.

In addition to Florida, SFC includes 12 Caribbean countries, making us one of the most challenging, multicultural, diverse and cross-generational SITE chapter. Our 2022 board represents the full range of our members.

As the 2022 President of SITE Florida & Caribbean I am humbled, proud and honored to lead the new board and very much look forward to working with this group of unshakable resilience industry leaders:

Welcome 2022 SITE Florida & Caribbean – Board of Directors

  • Ms. Eleanor Soucy, CIS, CITP, 2023 President Elect/Vice President Membership
  • Mr. Gilbert Villard, Director of Membership
  • Ms. Millie Evans, Vice President of Finance / Secretary
  • Mr. Virgil Napier, MBA, Vice President of Marketing
  • Mr. Frank Robleto, CITP, IP, ACC, Vice President of Communication
  • Ms. Tracy Connolly, Vice President of Events
  • Mr. Matthew Boutwell, Director of Events
  • Mr. George Brice, Vice President of Education
  • Ms. Malely Davila, Vice President of Sponsorship
  • Mr. Dan Polulak, CIS, Director of Young Leaders
  • Ms. Nataly Horan – Director of Communications
  • Ms. Debbie Hartman, Chapter Administrator
  • Mr. Francis Purvey, 2022 Senior Advisor for the Chapter

Wishing you all a happy, healthy and safe New Year.

Jorge Colona,
2022 Chapter President, SITE Florida & Caribbean

SITE Florida & Caribbean promotes and increases the awareness and benefits of Incentive Travel through Education, Motivational Events, and Business Relationships to foster professional development and integrity for its members.