The Gain InSITE program encourages members to “Think SITE, Buy SITE and Gain InSITE”. 

Who Can Participate?

  • All SITE members – buyers and suppliers work together to build a stronger network within the association.  And not only in the traditional sense of planner buying from supplier, but all of us buying from all of us. For example – hotels buying or recommending photographers and off site caterers, planners recommending cruise ships to colleagues half way around the world, local planners and hoteliers reaching out to local and global sales offices sourcing suppliers in their hotel destinations,  by going to SITE resources first.


  • Source/propose/buy services from SITE members.  Engage suppliers in your RFPs.  Suppliers reach out to SITE member buyers so they are aware of the services you offer.


  • Build a stronger community from within the membership and enhance the ROI.


  • Start today when you are considering new products, new destinations, new DMC’s, new services or new ideas.


  • With this program, members adopt the new language of “Think SITE Buy SITE and Gain InSITE” such as: “
  • For suppliers.  Introduce yourself and the Gain InSITE program.  Include a ‘special offer’ to SITE members.
  • For buyers, reach out to members such as: “To support Gain InSITE, I am asking you for a proposal, or I selected your property or service, or I referred you to my colleague”.


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